A-LINE Inc / 株式会社A-LINE

A-LINE Inc / 株式会社A-LINE

INGREDIENTS:Frozen Japanese Lobster/冷凍伊勢海老
INGREDIENTS:Frozen Peeled Shrimp/冷凍むきえび

We want you to fully enjoy the flavor of our hometown, Mie Prefecture, to the fullest extent—200%! Dating back to the Edo period, Ise lobster, named after the abundance of Ise-produced seafood that flowed into the capital, has been renowned. Even today, Mie Prefecture stands out for its catch of this prized lobster within Japan. We source only live Ise lobsters, which are immediately transported to our company after being caught and auctioned. We then process them promptly, selecting sizes and vacuum-sealing them with alcohol freezing to maximize flavor and aroma while minimizing drip loss. Please savor the outstanding freshness and unparalleled flavor of Mie Prefecture.



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