UWAJIMA PROJECT / 株式会社宇和島プロジェクト

UWAJIMA PROJECT / 株式会社宇和島プロジェクト

INGREDIENTS:Orange Seabream skinless loin/みかん鯛スキンレスロイン
INGREDIENTS:Orange Yellowtail skinless loin/みかんブリスキンレスロイン

Bringing the blessings of the Uwa Sea to tables around the world, we are constantly striving to deliver seafood grown in the Uwa Sea to people everywhere. As a pioneer in aquaculture, we are the first in Japan to obtain Halal certification for our farmed fish.
Revolutionizing production, processing, and distribution, we are establishing a system where everyone involved, from local producers to processors and distributors, can find happiness. This contributes to the development of the region, industry, and society.

宇和海の恵みを  世界の食卓へ




第7回フード・アクション・ニッポンアワード2015にて商品部門 農林水産産業分野で最優秀賞を受賞した、みかんを食べて育った話題のフルーツフィッシュ「みかん鯛」!

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