Seichiya / 株式会社世壱屋

Seichiya / 株式会社世壱屋

INGREDIENTS:Sachiuni/幸雲丹 生うに(ムラサキうに)

Yoichi Town in Hokkaido is the birthplace of ``Salted Sea Urchin'', which is preserved by soaking in salt water to give it a uniquely thick taste.
Seichiya, a sea urchin specialty store, is located in this town, which is surrounded by the sea, mountains, and rivers, and is rich in natural bounty.\
The coastline of Yoichi Town has many rocky reefs, making it a good fishing ground for sea urchin, and fresh, juicy sea urchin is sold at the market.
My hometown is Yoichi Town, and I grew up eating sea urchin from my childhood.
The rich flavor that melts on your tongue is a unique taste that you won't find anywhere else.

塩水につけて保存し独特なとろみが味わえる「塩水うに」の発祥の地である北海道 余市町。うに専門店 世壱屋は、海と山と川に囲まれ、自然の幸豊かなこの町に、店を構えています。余市町の海岸線は岩礁地帯が多く、うにの良漁場となっており、身の詰まった新鮮なうにが市場に並びます。

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