TOKUSHIMA Fish Market co.,ltd / 徳島魚市場株式会社

TOKUSHIMA Fish Market co.,ltd / 徳島魚市場株式会社


"Sudachi Buri" is a brand of farmed yellowtail developed in collaboration with producers by our company, located in Kitada-cho, Naruto City, Tokushima Prefecture, right near the Naruto Strait, which is known for having Japan's fastest tidal currents (up to 20 km/h). Cultivated in an environment-rich sea, our product benefits from the unique feed developed independently by our group company, which includes a blend of Tokushima Prefecture's agricultural product "sudachi" peel extract (EP). This feed is administered for a certain period before shipment. As a result, compared to conventional farmed yellowtail, our product is rich in vitamin E and has antioxidant properties, which delay discoloration of the blood meat portion. Additionally, it reduces the unique drip (fishy odor) associated with farmed yellowtail. These various verification results have been obtained.


Aggressive taking on the challenge as a general trading company of marine products.
Creating a rich dietary life.



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