Event Logo Designed by SHO WATANABE

The event logo design was undertaken by SHO WATANABE, a prominent artist/designer representing Japan. 

イベントロゴデザインは、日本を代表するアーティスト/デザイナーの人であるWATANABE SHOが手掛けました。 

JFF Shaka

This logo icon is the combination of hand and chopsticks while incorporating the familiar Hawaii gesture of joy with raised hand 'Shaka'. The chopsticks, also a familiar item in Hawaii, symbolize food as the design aims to convey the event's intent at a glance, portraying a sense of joy and the culinary theme.


JFF Kanji

This logo icon is inspired by the traditional Japanese culture of the family crest (kamon). This kanji character “食”, meaning “food” or “meal” is depicted with an umbrella on top “𠆢“, symbolizing “home” or “family”, while the bottom “良” meaning “good”. This logo icon imagery is intended to convey the desire to create an event that you can have good food with your ohana, and to serves as a bridge between Japanese and Hawaii cultures through the theme of food.



Residing in Yokohama, Japan, he is well known artist/designer for his illustration works which can be seen in various ads, products and apparel brands including his own line “Cloveru”. In his works, his love to sea and nature with a bit of humor is expressed that must be closely related his background and life as worked as a lifesaver and also a prominent surfer.

横浜をベースに活動するアーティスト。ドローイングを主としたアートワークに定評があり、広告からプロダクト、アパレルまで幅広くアート性の高い作品を数多く手がけるアーティストでありデザイナー。自身が手がけるブランド “Cloveru” は基より様々なデザインフィールドに作品を提供している。